8 Wrestlers WWE Must Sign For The New Cruiserweight Division

With apologies to Alejandro Saez...

WCPW / Oli Sandler

As good as the Cruiserweight Classic tournament has been - the finish to the Zack Sabre, Jr. Vs. Noam Dar match last week was as inventive as it was wince-inducing - the field did not, per WWE hype, incorporate the best 32 Cruiserweight wrestlers on the planet.

One need look no further than poor Alejandro Saez for proof of that. God love him, he was the drizzling sh*ts. What WWE were thinking putting him on first, I have no idea...

That was by design, though. WWE needed a surplus of also-rans to make the real stars look good. It would have been senseless to waste someone like Kyle O'Reilly - not listed here because there can be too much of a good thing - as first round fodder for Gran Metalik, when he'd be an early 2017 favourite should WWE run with the Classic as an annual tradition.

The roster for the imminent Cruiserweight division is shaping up nicely. WWE are seemingly intent on continuing to celebrate the diversity of lightweight wrestling as a selling point, but if they are committed to showcasing the very best the international scene has to offer, there are some notable omissions...

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