AEW Rampage Sinks To Record Low Rating

Tony Khan's 'Road Rager' edition of AEW Rampage didn't pull in good numbers.

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Friday's 'Road Rager' edition of AEW Rampage pulled the lowest overall rating in show history when airing during its regular time slot.

Rampage pulled the second-lowest number yet generally - only the 6 may episode, which aired hours earlier than usual and drew 292,000 viewers, was lower. For reference, this past Friday's show hauled in an average of 331,000 viewers on TNT.

Showbuzz Daily, which aggregates Nielsen ratings, reported the news.


Wrestlenomics also broke the 331,000 number down further. According to them, Rampage was down 30.46% from the prior week's episode (476,000). That also equates to a 37.5% drop off from the previous week in terms of the key 18-49 demographic.

AEW Rampage ranked #22 on the Cable Top 150 list, which is down from the #6 position for the previous episode.


Rampage featured Sting's unadvertised return to action, so there's a chance that may have drummed up a bit more interest had it been advertised. Of course, AEW wanted to book a surprise comeback. Nobody is blaming them for that.

AEW didn't really have much major competition on Friday night either. The College World Series did prove popular, but few saw a number this low coming.

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