All 21 NXT-To-WWE Call-Ups - Ranked From Worst to Best

21. The Ascension

Going by sheer loss of mystique alone, you really have to rank Konor and Viktor at the bottom here. On NXT, they were monsters, an unbeatable tandem who really did turn the tag landscape into a wasteland. 

They squashed teams so hard that no one could even muster enough forward momentum to become believable challengers.They were (and still are!) the longest-reigning champions in NXT history.

Then they got promoted to the main roster and were turned into slapdash Road Warrior knockoffs complete with face paint and elaborate torso-wear. They were also emasculated unmercifully by JBL on commentary and buried by a gang of rowdy grandpas on PPV.

Basically, they lost their every ounce of their credibility and self-respect, but they did get paint kits, so it kind of evens out.

The burial was so bad that even more than a year later, their most dizzying post-NXT high has been as lackeys for Stardust. STARDUST. Think about that for a second. 


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