AOP Start New WES Pro Wrestling Promotion, Paul Ellering Set To Appear

The former WWE NXT and Raw Tag Team Champions are making big moves upon their return to wrestling.


The Authors of Pain are on the cusp of kicking off their own brand-new pro wrestling company by the name of Wrestling Entertainment Series (or WES).

Sunny Dhinsa (Akam) and Gzim Selmani (Rezar) have been completely absent from the professional wrestling scene since being suddenly released by WWE back in September 2020. And with numerous reports suggesting the one-time NXT and Raw Tag Team Champions could be on the verge of a long-awaited return to the industry in the near future, few had the twosome being the minds behind the birth of a new wrestling promotion on their 2022 prediction bingo cards.

Yet, that's precisely what is set to go down as Selmani and Dhinsa officially unleashed a press release yesterday stating that Nottingham, England would play host to WES' first-ever show on June 4 at the Motorpoint Arena. The show is also going to be made available on FITE TV.


On top of "some of the biggest names in professional wrestling” all on the verge of being announced for the incoming event, the "sports entertainment" promotion also has a schedule in place for the rest of 2022; again, showcasing how serious the pair seem to be about making WES yet another compelling alternative in an ever-growing wrasslin' world.

The duo will also make their highly-anticipated return to in-ring action during said June 4 kick-off show, with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering being brought back to manage the pair.


Selmani would admit that the former WWE unit have been working their asses off to get the promotion and "top class product" off the ground:

“This has been a long time coming. Over the past number of months, we have been working tirelessly to put together a top-class product that will excite fans new and old. I’m very excited to finally launch WES and to also reunite with my partner Sunny Dhinsa to unleash some pain again. The rest of the names for this event will be announced very soon and they will send waves through the professional wrestling world. You won’t want to miss this event!”

It's also worth noting that the website is currently boasting a countdown that will expire on May 16 at around 11.40am.


A tweet promoting the Nottingham show was sent out by the promotion's Twitter account, too.

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