Finn Bálor Returns To NXT

Irishman confronted Adam Cole on USA.

Finn Balor NXT

Finn Bálor has returned to his literal former stomping ground of NXT!

The Irishman, who has been enjoying an extended break from WWE following his recent marriage, interrupted Adam Cole shortly after the NXT Champion had successfully defended his title against Matt Riddle.

The former Universal champ grabbed a mic, telling The Undisputed Era man that, "as of now, Finn Bálor is NXT." As you might imagine, that sent the Full Sail crowd absolutely wild.


Bálor spent his nascent WWE years as one of NXT's top stars, having signed with the company in 2014. He claimed the then-developmental brand's top title from Samoa Joe at the Beast in the East special, before dropping it to Samoa Joe ahead of his Raw call-up.

Almost immediately after making the step up, Bálor was crowned the company's first ever Universal Champion - only to be forced into forfeiture following a shoulder injury.


Since then, he's struggled to establish himself as a top star on the main roster. His most recent match came at SummerSlam, a decisive squash defeat at the hands of Bray Wyatt's rampaging fiend.

Just hours after making his NXT return, WWE has already began selling a brand new Bálor t-shirt on their shop.

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