News On Cesaro's Raw Move - More On Superstar Shake-Up Changes

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Andrade Zelina Vega SmackDown

Dave Meltzer has been a busy boy reporting all sorts of WWE news, and the Wrestling Observer chief was back at it again by giving context to some of the promotion's recent Superstar Shake-Up tweaks on the Observer Radio show.

Specifically, his latest report concerned itself with Cesaro's last-minute jump to Raw and the trio of Andrade, Zelina Vega and Aleister Black going the other way to SmackDown. All three were affected by a combo of personal relationships and FOX TV officials yearning for more Latino presence on Tuesday nights.

Meltzer started by saying Cesaro had moved to Raw so the red brand wouldn't feel so short-changed by Andrade, Vega and Black all departing. Then, he said that WWE were hit with complaints from several backstage after splitting up the popular Andrade and Charlotte Flair couple.

When they made steps to put that right and keep both on the same show, the company also realised they had to keep Vega with Andrade, then recognised the need to put Black on there too so he wouldn't be running a different road schedule to his wife every week.

It's interesting to hear the FOX are mindful of the Latin demographic on SmackDown too, especially after the legendary Rey Mysterio was also shifted to Raw during the Shake-Up.

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