NJPW Announce New Japan Pro Wrestling Of America

The next big step in NJPW's US expansion is here.

NJPW America

It looks like New Japan Pro Wrestling's US expansion is about to take a huge leap forward with the launch of New Japan Pro Wrestling of America.

NJPW announced the launch of their new US-based subsidiary on their official English-language Twitter account earlier this morning:-

Per company CEO Takami Obari, New Japan of America will prioritise live events and "getting fans close to our wrestlers to see our wrestling close-up," noting while the endeavour will bring the trademark NJPW style to the US, the Japanese market won't be sold short.

Obari adds that having a US-based office "allows for better talent relations in the US, and allows talent to further our brand within the American market, while allowing American fans to more easily support the brand."

NJPW has also released the following map of markets they'll be targeting in the United States:-


As far as the subsidiary's immediate plans go, NJPW of America could "double the 2019 slate of 12-13 live events" in America, with the promotion planning to broadcast live on World where possible, and on video-on-demand whenever this isn't possible. The group expect to keep working with AXS TV going forward.

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