NJPW Holding Emergency Press Conference TOMORROW

NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH announce simultaneous "emergency" press conferences.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH have both scheduled press conferences for the exact same time on Saturday.

While NJPW referred to theirs as a "special press conference", NOAH used the word "emergency" instead. They both take place at 2 PM JST on 20 November, which would be midnight tonight ET and 5 AM tomorrow GMT.

These press conferences will go out live on NOAH's YouTube channel and New Japan World.


While there is currently no word on what, exactly, is in play here, Dave Meltzer writes in this week's Wrestling Observer Radio that he's been told "something significant" is afoot.

Like every global wrestling scene, Japan has suffered greatly through the COVID-19 pandemic. Promotions can still only bring a limited number of fans into venues at a time, with said fans prevented from chanting, shouting, and screaming, restricting the level of noise they can make. This has led to the term "clap crowds" being spawned to describe the relatively lacklustre atmosphere.


NJPW announced "dream" plans for its 50th anniversary year in 2022 earlier this week. There is currently no indication that the upcoming press conference is linked to this.

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