Ranking 10 WWE Pay-Per-View Main Events Post-Lockdown From Worst To Best

WWE has nailed (most of) their lockdown pay-per-view main events with nobody to enjoy them.

Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre

It has been well-established through public testimonial, social media, and simply being alive right now, that 2020 has been sub-optimal as far as calendar years go. It has also become apparent that since WWE had to close their arena doors and put a stop to their perpetual nation-wide touring schedule we have seen some of the best product the company has put out in years.

This list will track each of the ten WWE main roster main events (sorry, NXT fans) from the start of the 'Lockdown Era'; it's pretty difficult to rank these events alongside shows like the Royal Rumble, which had the benefit of a full baseball stadium losing their minds. No doubt the overall ranking will cause some heated discussion, given the cinematic and generally unusual nature of some of the main events we've seen since April.

Most, if not all, were decent, or at the very least gave us plenty of talking points/out-of-body experiences; when was the last time we could say that about a year of WWE? Now that the conditions are laid out, we begin with the one you're probably expecting.

10. SummerSlam: Braun Strowman (c) Vs. The Fiend (Falls Count Anywhere, Universal Championship)

Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre

The Biggest Party/Event/You'll Never See It Summering Of The Summer was the scene of WWE's most questionable booking decision of the year; even when they've had a generally positive in-ring 2020, that's still saying something. Braun and Bray went to war in a fine - if plodding - Falls Count Anywhere match in order to end Strowman's awful reign as Universal Champion.

This reign was necessitated by the former Eater Of Worlds being pinned by The Headbutter Of Doors in Saudi Arabia for no reason other than Big Bill Goldberg's big ego, and Roman Reigns (we'll get to him, don't you worry) ruling himself out of a War Of The Spears at WrestleMania, leaving Braun to step in and win the world title that he should have had two years ago when he had some momentum behind him.

If that sounds too convoluted and ridiculous then you haven't been watching WWE programming for very long. This match served to get the belt off Strowman and keep him strong by being beaten by an unstoppable zombie man, but it was a bit of a drag that even the stipulation couldn't rescue. Then, one week later...


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