Ranking Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania Matches - From Worst To Best

The Beast Incarnate has had an...interesting...WrestleMania resume.


On April 2, Brock Lesnar will once again take to the WrestleMania stage, this time as challenger to Goldberg's WWE Universal Championship in the night's marquee match.

It is hardly the first time The Beast Incarnate has competed on wrestling's biggest night, in a main event match, with the top prize in sports entertainment up for grabs. He has become WWE's biggest box office draw because of his ability to deliver when the lightest are brightest and pressure is at its highest.

He got started etching his name in the WrestleMania history books in 2003, during his first full year with WWE, and continued building a reputation for himself as a prizefighter in the years that proceeded. Event after returning to the squared circle after an eight-year absence, he thrived as a big-match performer.

Whether he is attempting an ill-fated Shooting Star Press to finish off his greatest rival or executing a vicious F-5 and stunning the wrestling world in the process, Lesnar has established himself an integral piece of the WrestleMania puzzle.

In preparation for his latest headlining gig, relive every one of his 'Mania match-ups, ranked from worst to best.


Erik Beaston is a freelance pro wrestling writer who likes long walks in the park, dandelions and has not quite figured out that this introduction is not for Match.com. He resides in Parts Unknown, where he hosts weekly cookouts with Kane, The Ultimate Warrior, Papa Shango and The Boogeyman. Be jealous.