Ric Flair Comments On More 'Dark Side Of The Ring' Controversy

Twitter was outraged by Ric Flair's cameo on VICE's latest doc about Chris Kanyon.

Chris Kanyon Dark Side Of The Ring

Ric Flair has released an official statement on his latest 'Dark Side Of The Ring' controversy.

VICE's latest episode, which was all about the sad tale of one Chris Kanyon, included comments the 'Nature Boy' made on the Howard Stern Show back in 2006. There, Flair (along with John Cena) said that Kanyon was never any good and didn't make the grade in WWE.

Those words, especially from Flair, broke Kanyon's heart.


Ric tweeted out an apology for the cutting remarks and said he "should not have said that". The legend, who has recently come under fire for his part in WWE's 'Plane Ride From Hell' drama back in 2002, also noted that he was "holding the company line" by bashing ex-stars who were perceived as bitter and taking a pop at the promotion.

He can see now that he was wrong about Kanyon.


Flair was brutally honest in his assessment of Chris as a wrestler by saying, "I wasn’t a huge Kanyon fan as a worker, but Chris Klucsarits was a hell of a good guy". He added, "Love is love is love is love and everyone should be able to love whoever and however they choose without fear of reprisal".

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