Roman Reigns Assumes New Gimmick On WWE SmackDown?

It could be a one off, but Roman Reigns just teased a new direction on SmackDown.

Roman Reigns The Usos King

Roman Reigns might've just become the new 'King' of WWE SmackDown.

The current Universal Champion took Xavier Woods' crown following Friday's main event - Jimmy and Jey Uso then placed the thing on Roman's head, and all three have started calling themselves "The Kings" on social media. This is likely a short-term deal for The Bloodline, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Technically, Woods won the match with Roman by disqualification due to interference from The Usos. That didn't stop WWE from running a short post-match angle with the crown afterwards.


It remains to be seen whether or not this 'King' gimmick was a one-off or not.

Pre-match, WWE announced that the loser would have to "bend the knee" and acknowledge the other man as his ruler. There's still time for Big E to roll into view and demand that Reigns do so before then locking horns with the SmackDown man in a 'Champion vs. Champion' match at Survivor Series.


That could be the plan, but WWE are definitely leaving it late to build to that one.

For now, Reigns has Xavier's crown and will call himself the ruler of SmackDown.

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