Roman Reigns Says He's The "Most Important WWE Royal Rumble Competitor Ever"

"Before complaining, just think about the last 5 years..."

Roman Reigns believes that he might be the most important WWE Royal Rumble competitor in the event's lengthy history.

'The Big Dog' tweeted the following in response to WWE's post hyping last night's rerun of the 2017 Rumble match on FS1:-


A bold claim that will incite fans of a certain disposition as soon as they see it, though let's do good by Reigns and fact-check the past five shows:-

2016: Finished third after a near 60-minute run, eliminating 5 wrestlers and facilitating Triple H's victory to set up their WWE Championship match at WrestleMania.


2017: Finished second to Randy Orton, eliminating The Undertaker to establish their WrestleMania main event.

2018: Used expertly in another second-place finish to generate anxiety ahead of Shinsuke Nakamura's epic babyface victory.


2019: Did not enter.

2020: See 2018 but for Drew McIntyre.

Let's not forget that he won the bout under controversial circumstances in 2015 as well.

When viewed objectively, his claim actually checks out, though not even The Rock could save him from one of the most poorly-received Rumble triumphs ever and the aforementioned Undertaker and Triple H bouts split the fanbase at 'Mania.

It'll be interesting to see if Roman adds to this growing Rumble legacy in 2021.

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