Sasha Banks Just Won Her First WWE TV Singles Match Since November 2019

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Sasha Banks Alexa Bliss

The headline is true.

By defeating Alexa Bliss with a quick roll-up on the latest episode of SmackDown, Sasha Banks has bagged her first singles win on WWE television since November last year.

Sasha last won a one-on-one bout on TV when she beat Alexa's partner Nikki Cross on the 8 November 2019 edition of SmackDown. That show was held in Manchester, England. To get Banks' last televised singles win on US soil, you'd need to travel back in time to the 30 September 2019 episode of Raw.


There, she beat (you guessed it) Alexa Bliss in a short, four-minute clash.

The interesting thing here is that it shows how little definitive victories matter if a talent is still presented as important on camera. Banks has been aligned with Bayley throughout her barren run, so she's been working a ton of tag matches instead of going solo.


That explains why she hasn't been handed a significant TV win as a singles since last November.

It's expected that Bayley will eventually turn on Sasha and work against her through the summer months. If that's the case, then more singles wins are coming Banks' way.

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