The Real Reason Why Naomi Needed Time Away From WWE In 2019

WWE were "100% supportive" of her request.

WWE's Naomi appeared on the latest episode of Lilian Garcia's 'Chasing Glory' podcast, and she revealed the reason behind her 2019 sabbatical.

The SmackDown star told Garcia she was already feeling "exhausted" and banged up daily when news hit that her cousin had passed away in labour. That devastating moment tipped Naomi over the edge, and she told WWE that she needed some time off to mourn.

"I was like, I’m not asking, I’m telling you, I have to take some time off, because I am not good right now", she said.


To their credit, WWE didn't ask many questions and agreed to support Naomi through the loss of a family member. She told the pod that the company couldn't have been more supportive, and that's something she'll always be grateful for.

During her time off, Naomi reconnected with her husband Jimmy Uso and family, but was shocked to learn that she was "severely anaemic", "completely vitamin D deficient" and also had a stomach ulcer. That told her she hadn't been taking great care of herself and had been running too hard for too long.


That 2019 break was Naomi's first proper stretch of down time in 10 years.

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