The Rock To Make IMPACT Appearance?

Finally, The Rock has gone to TNA?

Impact Wrestling viewers could be seeing none other than The Rock on programming rather soon, and that's something nobody could've predicted. 2020 continues to throw up shocks, surprises and some of the weirdest content ever.

This one could be fun though.

Ken Shamrock, who is set to be inducted into Impact's Hall Of Fame, was the one who made it happen. He tweeted his old foe to ask if he'd be interested in putting together a quick "induction greeting" for the ceremony that'd honour him.


It didn't take long for 'The Great One' to respond.

The ever-excellent Dwayne Johnson replied to say "Congrats, my brother. Awesome news. I will take care of this and get it to you by this weekend". He also included fist bump and black love heart emojis in his post.


So, it appears that The Rock is about to show up on what is effectively TNA programming for the first time ever. It might be a pre-recorded message, and it might be a personal favour to an old friend, but it still counts as an Impact appearance for the WWE icon.

Again, 2020 is weird.

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