THIS Is The Man Who Should End Cody’s TNT Title Reign (And How)

Who's better than Cody?


AEW is doing something related in some way to the Four Horsemen.

This is obvious now, but was first brought to your writer's attention when it wasn't by fellow Dadley and details dork Michael Hamflett, who noticed that Cody and FTR very recently made identical entrances to Daily's Place - one, it must be said, more effectively than the other. Cody, avenging his wife, drove into Daily's Place in his personalised truck, quite tragically knocking over a sole barricade in the sort of the scene that plays exponentially better in the arena. Was this the latent hubris of which Cody is increasingly drawing accusations? Or is Cody inviting these accusations?

The former Revival, FTR, made their AEW debut in almost the exact same way; very similar vehicle, same route, same entrance. There's a better in-character explanation - Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, free agents, ride into town and then straight back out once they complete their business - but this isn't a company that doesn't consider this specific detail.

In a promo revealing his intent to defend the TNT Championship, Cody revealed that he wasn't the first person Tony Khan called to gauge interest in the AEW venture. He was the "fourth," and he, very conspicuously, flashed the iconic sign. Ahead of his excellent defence against Ricky Starks, Cody noted that when Jake Hager assaulted him the week prior, neither the Nightmare Family nor the Elite arrived to help him, furthering the idea that there is a new distance between him and his old babyface ideals.

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