Vince McMahon Won't Let Seth Rollins Wear White

"He doesn't understand that people think this is the coolest gear they've ever seen."

Seth Rollins Vince McMahon white

Did you think Seth Rollins looked the proverbial sh*t donned head to foot in his bright white bodysuit at SummerSlam 2015?

So did he. Unfortunately, you won't see him in his Daz-tastic threads again anytime soon - at least, not so long as Vince McMahon has anything to say about it.

The Universal Champion was at an autograph session this past weekend, when a fan quizzed him on his 'WrestleMania attire' (ie, white) - and more specifically, why he didn't wear it anymore.


In a recorded exchange since excised from Twitter and all social media, Rollins allegedly told the punter:

"Vince won't let me wear it. He doesn't understand that people think this is the coolest gear that they've ever seen. He doesn't get it. I get that question more than anything else."

In other words: dad told me to stop dressing like a hippy. And trim those sideburns!


He continued that, should McMahon's current anti-white whim pass, the outfit is still in existence:

"I think it's in the archive. I gave it to the archivist guy and he puts it up in all the Axxesses and stuff."

So there you go. Rollins is all-black-everything for the foreseeable.

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Editorial Team

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