Why It’s Time For WWE To Play The Ultimate Trump Card

AEW All Out 2021 was electrifying. WWE only have one quick-fix left, and he knows all about that...

The Rock

Another day, another bit of news about another WWE performer's contract coming due.

On this particular day, it's Kevin Owens, who will be done by January 2022 according to fairly reliable sources. It's not the only reason he's making waves within the eagle-eyed wrestling media sphere either. In sync with this story breaking, Owens tweeted-and-deleted coordinates to Mount Rushmore (the name of his old Pro Wrestling Guerrilla stable with The Young Bucks and new All Elite Wrestling signee Adam Cole), shared the audience's joy over portions of AEW All Out 2021 and gave fans further reason to speculate on his wrestling future with other notable Twitter teases.

It's becoming part of a common trend. WWE may be financially solvent enough to absorb any supposed "blow" from the opposition's success on television or pay-per-view, but they're not immune to the matter of their wrestlers choosing to work elsewhere. Daniel Bryan lost a loser leaves match to Roman Reigns in April, and actually left. The aforementioned Adam Cole was definitively defeated on his way out of NXT, and stayed out of the company completely. Christian made an out-of-the-blue return to in-ring action at the Royal Rumble, but repeated his own history by seeking creative fortunes over financial ones elsewhere.

WWE don't care. Not outwardly, anyway. Not when the real stars will always be WWE Superstars and "kids" wrestle for an opposition they'd refuse to even acknowledge as such. They've never cared, not even when such moves had a direct impact on the bottom line.

But is it time they started?


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