WWE's TNA World Champions Ranked - From Worst To Best

The days of WWE ignoring top TNA talent are well and truly over.

AJ Styles No Surrender 2009 TNA World Champion

2016 has been a remarkable year for professional wrestling. TNA has undergone a whole host of changes, with Dixie Carter being phased out in favour of Billy Corgan and Matt Hardy, of all people, gas veeb making the show relevant again via a series of bizarre home videos. With a fresh roster and a new outlook, TNA may finally be in a position to thrive once again.

The roster has undergone something of a spring clean over the last couple of years, which has coincided with WWE changing its stance when it comes to those who previously found success in TNA. The active WWE roster now includes 13 men who competed at a prominent level in TNA, from former tag champions to X-Division stalwarts.

If we're including competitors no longer active in the ring in WWE, 10 men are contracted to World Wrestling Entertainment who once stood tall as the TNA World Champion. That championship belt itself has a peculiar history, as TNA had exclusive rights to the NWA Heavyweight Championship up until a split between the two companies led to the creation of TNA's own strap. The last NWA Champ under TNA's watch is included in this list.

How do those champions rank against each other when it comes to the quality of their TNA reign? Let's get to ranking!

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