WWE's TNA World Champions Ranked - From Worst To Best

9. Eric Young

eric young tna

It probably isn't fair to belittle the circumstances in which a man won a world championship, but when a company like TNA makes a decision such as this one it is hard to question. At the end of WrestleMania XXX, a beloved underdog with a big beard stood tall as World Champion, having overcome all the odds through belief, talent and fan support.

A few weeks later an episode of Impact Wrestling ended with a popular underdog with a big beard standing tall as World Champion, having overcome some odds through belief and a weak champion.

Eric Young came out of absolutely nowhere to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in April 2014 from Magnus. EY had been with TNA since the very beginning and had proved himself a versatile and valuable performer, something that will surely continue in NXT and WWE.

The problem with Young's run as TNA top dog was that it was difficult to look past it being a cynical attempt to cash-in on the Daniel Bryan story. Did Eric Young deserve it? Certainly, but there we go. Young held the title for two months before losing it to Bobby Lashley.

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