WWE Backstage News On Why Matt Riddle Was Taking Shots At Goldberg

Is WWE okay with The Original Bro poking fun at the returning legend?

Matt Riddle

God love Matt Riddle.

The Original Bro is one of the most unique and entertaining wrestlers in the WWE system right now. And add to that, he’s a legitimate badass to boot.

Recently, the former UFC star has been regularly using his social media channels to take shots at wrestling legends – in particular Bill Goldberg.


Considering how hard Riddle has been going on Goldberg being completely and utterly useless in the ring, many have been wondering whether or not WWE is okay with the NXT star taking shots at one of their returning legends.

If Dave Meltzer is to believed, though, WWE is not only fine with Riddle throwing shade at Da Man, the company is openly encouraging him to do so.


As Meltzer explained, all of Riddle’s attacks will have been approved by WWE – as, y’know, they pay his wages – and this is all simply a way for the Bro to get some attention and get people talking.

For Riddle’s part, he recently took part in the WWE SummerSlam Watch Along stream and explained what went down when he and Bill Goldberg finally met. How much of this is true or a work, you can make your own mind up.


The pleasure was all mine, bro. Brilliant.

Whether anything comes of this, who knows. Matt Riddle has famously berated and bashed Brock Lesnar for years as he’s promised to be the one to retire Paul Heyman’s Beast. Likewise, recently Riddle has taken very public, very entertaining shots at Chris Jericho and Lance Storm.

Away from all of these legends, Riddle’s immediate future is centred on tonight’s NXT TV tapings from Full Sail - where his burgeoning rivalry with Killian Dain is expected to be furthered.

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