WWE Legend Claims He "Never Worked Out A Day" In His Life

A guy, but not a body guy.

Jerry Lawler is about to celebrate 50 years in the pro wrestling biz.

The 'King' will be in attendance for a special landmark show promoted by indy group USA Championship Wrestling on 26 September in Jackson, Tennessee. Other legends announced thus far include Scott Steiner, Kane, Sgt. Slaughter, Road Warrior Animal, Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart.

Recently, John Beifuss of The Memphis Commercial Appeal penned a tribute piece to Lawler's legacy in the industry. Jerry stopped by to give some quotes to Beifuss for his piece, and ended up admitting that he's barely ever worked out over the past five decades.


OK, so Lawler was never Hulk Hogan body-wise, but it is incredible to think that he didn't hit the weights at least a couple of times. According to the 'King' though, he didn't - he only ever exercised when he was actually wrestling inside the ring.

That was his cardio and his strength work.


Lawler credited some of his natural fitness to the fact he doesn't drink alcohol or even take caffeine as part of his diet. Even so, it's remarkable to think he made it so far without hitting the weight room at all.

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