10 Wrestlers Who Had Their Best Runs In WWE

The grass isn't always greener.
By Iain Taylor

Backstage News On WWE's Plans For RETRIBUTION

What does WWE have planned for Slapjack, Mace, and T-Bar?
By Andy H Murray

Which AEW Star Was "Depressed" After Failing His WWE Tryout?

"Can I even keep doing this? What’s the point?"
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Wrestlers Who Broke All The Rules New

Those names who went against the very fundamentals of what's supposed to makes the business…
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Wrestling News: WWE Plans Change After NEW COVID-19 Outbreak & More (VIDEO)

Adam Wilbourn and Andy H. Murray bring you today's daily news briefing.
By Andy H Murray

WWE Legend Claims He "Never Worked Out A Day" In His Life

A guy, but not a body guy.
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Huge WWE & AEW Matches Still To Come In 2020

2020 has been a nightmare, but these matches are a dream come true.
By Joshua Plummer

WWE Legend Road Warrior Animal Has Died

He was 60 years old.
By Benjamin Richardson

3 Ups And 12 Downs From WWE Raw (Sept 21)

RETRIBUTION's big reveal, first match "highlights" Dumpster fire of a show.
By Scott Carlson

Report: New COVID-19 Outbreak At WWE Performance Center

Multiple positive test results appear to have prompted considerable creative changes.
By Andy H Murray

3 RETRIBUTION Members Get New Ring Names On WWE Raw

Say hello to Mace, Slapjack, and, err... T-Bar.
By Andy H Murray

10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WWE Raw From 1997

Change everything.
By Jamie Kennedy

Robert Roode Returning To WWE Soon?

Could WWE television soon play host to a Glorious return?
By Andy H Murray

3 New WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 Matches Announced

United States, Women's, and Tag Team Title bouts confirmed on Raw.
By Andy H Murray

AEW Signs Serena Deeb

The former Straight Edge Society member is All Elite.
By Andy H Murray

Backstage Update On WWE's Plans For Keith Lee

Here's WWE's current thought process when booking the former NXT Champion.
By Andy H Murray

AEW's FTR Want Dream Match With Impact Wrestling Tag Team

"I'm all about the money, but more about the legacy."
By Andy H Murray

10 Ruthless Aggression WWE Superstars You Forgot Existed

The Ruthless Aggression era created a lot of stars, but this lot weren't among them!
By Josh Wilding

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Review: 4 Ups & 4 Downs

A total stylistic shift from WWE 2K20, for better AND worse...
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9 Ups & 4 Downs From Impact Wrestling (Sep 22)

Eddie Edwards blindsided the night he returns, but the question remains who?
By Adam Morrison

Wrestling News: John Cena On Negative WWE Fans, Forgotten Sons Update & More (VIDEO)

Adam Wilbourn and Andy H. Murray bring you today's daily news briefing.
By Andy H Murray

10 WWE Returns That Were Completely Wasted

'Oh, you're back...cool.'
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10 Dream Matches Which Could Realistically Happen At WWE WrestleMania 37

They say anything can happen in the WWE. Will we see these dream matches at WrestleMania 37?
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6 Ups & 1 Down From AEW Late Night Dynamite (Sep 22)

By Andy H Murray

10 Awesome WWE Groups That Didn't Get Enough Time

These stables and tag teams who could have been major players if given the time.
By Logan Kenny

What John Cena REALLY Thinks Of Negative WWE Fans

"It's all so f*cking wonderful."
By Andy H Murray

Backstage Update On The Forgotten Sons' WWE Return

Cutler, Blake, and Ryker returning to WWE programming soon?
By Andy H Murray

Aalyah Mysterio To Be Used As WWE Personality Going Forward

Don't expect Rey's daughter to follow Dominik into the ring, though...
By Andy H Murray

WWE's AJ Styles Praises "Unbelievable" AEW Star

Styles got a huge kick out of this match from last week's AEW Dynamite.
By Andy H Murray

The Undertaker Says "Never Say Never" To WWE Return

In other news, water is still wet.
By Andy H Murray

Kofi Kingston Teases Feud With WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Could Reigns by Kofi's first feud back in WWE?
By Andy H Murray

10 Big Concerns Heading Into WWE Clash Of Champions 2020

Rematches. Rematches everywhere...
By Michael Patterson

Update On Tenille Dashwood's Impact Wrestling Status

The former Emma returned to Impact earlier this morning.
By Andy H Murray

10 Modern WWE Moments You Totally Don't Remember

Who were the original members of the Hurt Business?
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Unintentionally Hilarious WWE Moments

Falls, fails, flops and foul ups.
By Josh Mills

The Undertaker Shows Support For Premier League Team In Bizarre Tweet

Is The Phenom a football fanatic?
By Aaron Chandler

Why The Undertaker Brought Back The American Badass Character

Could we have seen the last of 'The Deadman'?
By Gareth Morgan

25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Sept 20) gallery

When 'The Great One' needs to get to work, he gets to work.
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20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Sept 20) gallery

Le Champion celebrates 22 years of brilliance with Tony Shiavone.
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5 Ups & 6 Downs From AEW Dark (Sep 22)

Another show, another must-see Ben Carter match. This is becoming a habit.
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