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Otis And Mandy Rose Get Together At WrestleMania 36?!

WWE's new power couple sealed it with a kiss...
By Jamie Kennedy

Charlotte Flair Becomes New NXT Women's Champ At WrestleMania 36

Night two opened with another title change...
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE’s Sonya Deville Gets HACKED On Twitter?!

Don’t worry, it’s just a storyline...
By Jamie Kennedy

AEW Set To Sign "The Second Coming Of Brock Lesnar"

Jim Ross hints at a new All Elite Wrestling recruit...
By Adam Wilbourn

Edge Reveals He Almost Signed With AEW

The 'Rated R Superstar' had talks with "another company" before his Royal Rumble return...
By Adam Wilbourn

Why The Undertaker Just Rode Off Into The Sunset

Was WrestleMania 36's 'Boneyard Match' the end of an era?
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Things You Didn't Know About Charlotte Flair

Everything you need to know (and more) about the self-proclaimed Queen of WWE on her 34th birthday!…
By John Bills

Ranking The Undertaker’s 27 WWE WrestleMania Matches From Worst To Best

How does the Boneyard Match stack up?
By Michael Patterson

WWE WrestleMania 36: Every Match Star Ratings (Night 1)

"This is what you wanted, right?"
By Adam Clery

10 Biggest Holy Sh*t Moments From WrestleMania 36 Night One

No crowd, definitely didn't mean no bat sh*t crazy bumps!
By Gareth Morgan

JBL Shares Undertaker Saddam Hussein Shot After WrestleMania 36 Boneyard Match

Of course they sat on Hussein's throne...
By Simon Gallagher

30 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of WrestleMania 36 Week gallery

Homemade robots, hair woes and JBL's "Bomba Osama Party"...
By Simon Gallagher

How WrestleMania 36 Just Killed The Undertaker's Deadman Gimmick

Why the Boneyard Match really WAS a farewell...
By Simon Gallagher

15 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (April 5th) gallery

Masks, Tiger King and a proposal...
By Simon Gallagher

WWE Filming SmackDown In A Secret Location

Company said to be taping in locked down state.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE Airs First Promo Package For WrestleMania 37

Company keen to quickly move on from this year's event...
By Adam Clery

AEW Stars React To INSANE Boneyard Match At WrestleMania 36!

"Cinematic pro-wrestling, I knew you'd come".
By Adam Clery

New WWE 24/7 Champion Crowned At WrestleMania 36

R-Truth was caught napping in the interview perch.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE WrestleMania 36: Metallica React To Undertaker's Entrance Theme

The Deadman is Hardwired... To Self-Destruct...
By Simon Gallagher

WrestleMania 36 Night 1 Ends With Batsh*t Insane 'Boneyard Match'

Phenomenally entertaining.
By Jamie Kennedy

Exclusive: 7 Behind The Scenes Details On WWE's 'Boneyard Match' At WrestleMania 36

What REALLY happened when WWE filmed AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker last night?
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Ups And 6 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 36 (Part 1)

Good first night with some title changes, decent action and a fun mini-movie.
By Scott Carlson

Braun Strowman Wins WWE's Universal Title At WrestleMania 36

Goldberg was next.
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Crowns New Women's Tag-Team Champs At WrestleMania 36

'Mania's first night opens with a title change!
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Hall Of Famer Returns At WrestleMania 36

A familiar voice was back behind the commentary desk...
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE's WrestleMania 36 Night 2 Card CONFIRMED

What's left for 'Mania 36's second half tomorrow night?
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Reveals Full Card For WrestleMania 36 Night 1

Eight matches are official for 'Mania's first part...
By Jamie Kennedy

Big Change To WWE WrestleMania 36 Ladder Match

WWE confirm superstar was not at tapings.
By Benjamin Richardson

Update On When WWE Can Have Crowds At Shows Again

Here's what the President of the United States has to say...
By Andy H Murray

Bray Wyatt's 6 Biggest WWE Defeats (So Far)

Multiple major losses have hurt Bray Wyatt's career. Will he ever be able to fully heal?
By Zac Jones