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Ben Affleck's Batman To Face Every Villain Ever

Affleck has plans to make the "definitive Batman movie".
By Matt Holmes
Batman Snyder

22 Greatest Moments In Scott Snyder's Batman Comics

The greatest living Batman writer...?
By Nathan Hastings
Batman Unchained Header.jpg

21 Batman Movies That Almost Happened

Adam West wrote one. And yes, it's EXACTLY what you'd expect.
By Simon Gallagher
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Ray Liotta Turned Down Burton's 1989 Batman For Being "Too Silly"

Says the man who chose to be in Breathless...
By Simon Gallagher
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12 Perfect Stories Affleck's Solo Batman Movie Must Adapt

Red Hood, Arkham, Deaths In The Family...
By Simon Gallagher
Batman The Killing Joke.jpg

Batman: The Killing Joke Gets Rated R

Just as it should be...
By Simon Gallagher
Heath Ledger Joker Batman

13 Movie Villains You Didn't Know Almost Played The Hero

The heroic near-misses that almost robbed us of some of cinema's best villains.
By Simon Gallagher
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10 Insane Movie Sequels That We Really Wish Had Happened

Just because they're crazy doesn't mean we don't want 'em.
By Sam Hill
Joker Rebirth

15 Greatest Joker Comics Of All Time

The clown prince's best.
By Nathan Hastings
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10 Reasons Why New 52 Batman Was The Best Ever

Reinvention isn't always a bad thing.
By Nathan Hastings
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11 Predictions For DC’s 2 Mystery Comic Book Movies

The Batman Rises?
By Simon Gallagher
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Ranking Every DC Movie Villain From Worst To Best

The rogues gallery ranked.
By Simon Gallagher
The Killing Joke Joker

Animated Adaptation Of Batman's The Killing Joke Gets A Teaser Trailer

Have you ever had a really bad day?
By Kristopher Cook
The Joker

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Joker

What exactly do Captain America and The Joker have in common?
By Josh Wilding
Batman V Superman Bruce Wayne Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Has Written The Standalone Batman Movie Script

Batfleck is in full effect.
By Kristopher Cook
Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Side Missions Rocksteady Should've Included

How to make those naff Two-Face bank heists actually worth playing.
By Vince Cicchino
Batman V Superman Ben Affleck Jesse Eisenberg

10 Reasons Batman V Superman's Ending Is The Stupidest Part Of The Film

Wait, did Zack Snyder take inspiration from X-Men: The Last Stand?
By Alex Leadbeater
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Every Screen Batman Ranked From Worst To Best

But where does Batfleck rank?
By Simon Gallagher
Joker Hero Theory

10 Batman Movie Theories That Were Bat-Sh*t Crazy

Every time a Batman movie is announced, bat-guano follows.
By Percival Constantine

10 Problems With The Joker Nobody Wants To Admit

He's not even that funny when you think about it.
By Tom Baker
Batman V Superman Ranking

Batman V Superman: Ranking Every Movie From Worst To Best

Man Of Steel is far from the worst.
By Alex Leadbeater
victor batman

10 Most Sadistic Batman Villains Of All Time

Crazy! The lot of 'em!
By Bryant Lucas
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10 Villains That Affleck’s Batman Should Fight Instead Of The Joker

There's more than one villain in Gotham City.
By Connor Briggs-Morris
Im Batman

12 Best Entrances In Comic Book Movies

Time to stretch out the spandex!
By Sean Gerber
Two Face Riddler Batman Forever.

10 Most Annoying Characters In Batman Movies

Not every villain needs to be a Joker knockoff.
By Connor Briggs-Morris
Batman Begins Batman Year One

12 Key Influences In Batman Begins

You thought that was all Nolan? No chance!
By Jack Pooley
Batman 1989

12 "Important" Movies That Are Actually Terrible

Take a deep breath; look at it again. Oh, it's garbage.
By Ben Bussey
Cat Woman Batman Returns

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer did NOT have fun on set...
By Rob Leane
JK Simmons Batman

JK Simmons Is Commissioner Gordon For Justice League

So why is he not in Batman V Superman?
By Simon Gallagher
Bruce Wayne Michael Caine Father Dark Knight

9 Insane Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense

The more you think about them, the more convincing they really are...
By Sam Hill