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Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Clara Oswald Is The Best Companion Ever

She was born to save the Doctor, after all.

28 May 2015 Dan Butler

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5 Doctor Who Actors Who Have Directed Their Own Movies

They're not just stars in front of the camera, you know.

27 May 2015 Dan Butler

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10 Doctor Who Phrases That Make Fans Giddy With Excitement

The most memorable and exciting catchphrases.

26 May 2015 Addevi Persaud

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Doctor Who: 15 Greatest NuWho Deaths So Far

Why, Moffat, why?!?

26 May 2015 Adam Livermore

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Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Series 9 Will Be The Best Yet

You heard it here first, folks.

25 May 2015 Dan Butler

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Doctor Who: 10 Special Effects That Totally Sucked

The worst effects in the galaxy.

25 May 2015 Terry Warner

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Doctor Who: 10 Best Episodes Of The Last 10 Years

The episodes that have defined a decade.

25 May 2015 Paula Luther

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12 Doctor Who Gifs That Only True Fans Will Appreciate

God bless the Internet.

24 May 2015 Dan Butler

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Doctor Who: 11 Major Predictions For Series 9

What timey-wimey trials and tribulations lie ahead for Capaldi & Co?

24 May 2015 Dan Butler

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10 Doctor Who Characters You Secretly Wanted To Kill

Some you love. Some you hate. And some you just want to bludgeon to death with a Dalek plunger.

22 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

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Doctor Who: 7 Most Unfair Criticisms Of Steven Moffat

Moffat must go (on and on?).

21 May 2015 Paul Driscoll

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15 Things You'd Never Hear A Doctor Who Fan Say

"What time is Doctor Who on again?"

20 May 2015 Dan Butler

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10 Big Differences Between New And Classic Doctor Who

From Hartnell's memory to Capaldi's nostrils - the ultimate comparison!

20 May 2015 Steve Palace

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10 Reasons The Future Of Doctor Who Is Safe With Steven Moffat

Moffat fanboys, unite!

20 May 2015 Graham Piro

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8 Best Doctor Who Monster Comebacks Of All Time

Dusting off the legends.

19 May 2015 Dan Butler


Doctor Who Series 9: 10 Reasons You Should Be Excited

Missy and Zygons and Osgood, oh my!

18 May 2015 Dan Butler

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Doctor Who: Every Single 'Bad Wolf' Reference & Easter Egg

Including ones you might have missed!

18 May 2015 Dan Butler

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12 Impossible Fantasies That All Doctor Who Fans Secretly Have

A Whovian can dream, right?

17 May 2015 Dan Butler

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Steven Moffat Sticking With Doctor Who For At Least Another Year

Showrunner to helm his sixth series in 2016.

15 May 2015 Dan Butler