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8 TV Shows That Were Damaged By Their Own Fans

Turns out it's possible to like something too much...
By Brian Wilson
3262489 Dr Who Facepalm

10 Things About Doctor Who That Seem To Confuse Non-Fans

It's really not that complicated.
By Dan Butler
Doctor Who The Silence

10 Most Ridiculously Convoluted Plans By Doctor Who Villains

Doctor Who villains' plans are like Judd Apatow movies: entertaining, yes, but overlong and in…
By Andrew Blair
Robert Downey Jr Sonic Screwdriver

11 Famous Faces You Never Knew Were Doctor Who Fans

The Doctor's got his fair share of famous admirers.
By Dan Butler
Tennant Tardis

10 Things That Prove Doctor Who Really Exists

The Doctor is a legend woven through time. But what if he actually is? I mean, he's obviously…
By Mark White
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20 Mind-Blowing Doctor Who Facts You Never Knew

Ever wondered how the Sontarans got their name? Well now you know.
By Barry Quinn
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Doctor Who: 10 Things To Expect From Chibnall's First Series

Fun and heartbreak in equal measure - he might surprise you more than you think.
By Baz Greenland
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10 TV Shows Which Completely Changed Their Premise

For better or for worse.
By Grace Murray
Steven Moffat TARDIS

Doctor Who Series 9: 10 Things To Expect From Moffat's Last Series

Gallifrey, a regeneration and plenty of scares; what will 2017 bring us?
By Baz Greenland
Doctor- Who -River-Song-Deleted-Scene

Doctor Who: 10 Deleted Scenes You Have To See

Salvaged from the cutting room floor.
By Dan Butler
David Tennant Harry Potter

21 Doctor Who Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

When fantasy words collide.
By Nina Van Herck
Jon Pertwee

25 Doctor Who Images You've Probably Never Seen

Rare behind-the-scenes and promo shots from Britain's enduringly popular show.
By Simon Gallagher
Steven moffat

Doctor Who: 8 Reasons To Hate Moffat More Than You Already Do

Sometimes, it's justified.
By Gemma Fisk
Billie Piper In The Calcium Kid

10 Films That You Never Realised Doctor Who Actors Were In

Small parts on the big screen.
By Dan Butler
Billie Piper Secret Diary Call Girl

8 Times Doctor Who Actors Played Characters That Destroyed Your Soul

We're not in the TARDIS anymore, Toto.
By Dan Butler
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17 Doctor Who Actors Who Appeared in Marvel Films

Those actors who used the TARDIS/the Bifrost bridge to traverse universes...
By Christian Bone
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10 Worst Ideas In Doctor Who History

What were they thinking?
By Ben Cooke
The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who Review: The Husbands Of River Song – 5 Reasons To Love This Christmas Gift

After the bleak midwinter of series nine we find a beacon in the dark.
By Mary Ogle
Doctor Who Hell Bent Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who: 7 Big Questions After Series 9 Finale 'Hell Bent'

Clara Who?
By Christian Bone
Doctor Who Gallifrey Hell Bent

Doctor Who Review: Hell Bent – How To Succeed At Death Without Really Dying

A brilliant beginning that fails at the moment it refuses to kill its darlings.
By Mary Ogle
Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Heaven Sent

Doctor Who Review: Heaven Sent – 6 Reasons Why We Love The Dark Doctor

Brutal, brilliant, and one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time.
By Mary Ogle
Doctor Who Rasmussen

Doctor Who: Ranking All The Series 9 Cliff-Hangers

Moments where we didn't quite know what would happen next.
By Baz Greenland
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8 Iconic Doctor Who Things That Scientists Say Are Real

Not saying Weeping Angels are real, but they definitely could be...
By Stevie Shephard
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10 Most Depressingly Realistic Lessons From Doctor Who

Sometimes the Doctor inspires, amazes, or astounds us. Other times he just bums us out.
By Mikey Heinrich
Doctor Who Theory Clara Impossible Girl

Doctor Who: Clara Oswald's 12 Greatest Moments

Celebrating the life of one of Doctor Who's most important companions...
By Baz Greenland
Doctor Who Face the Raven

Doctor Who Review: Face The Raven – 8 Ways To Compound The Crime

The perfect end to Clara’s journey and an episode that will be talked about for a long, long…
By Mary Ogle
Doctor Who Clara's death

Doctor Who: 9 Big Questions After Face The Raven

Have we all emotionally recovered yet?
By Baz Greenland
Doctor Who Sleep No More

Doctor Who Review: Sleep No More – The Good, The Bad And The Crumbly

A jumble of mismatched puzzle pieces that never quite fit together and the weakest episode of…
By Mary Ogle
Osgood Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 9: Who Are The Hybrids And What Does It All Mean?

Who are the suspects and what does it mean for the Doctor?
By Baz Greenland
Doctor Who Capaldi

Doctor Who Review: The Zygon Inversion – 6 Reasons Why This Story Wins The War

“The Zygon Inversion” is a powerful and agonizing plea for tolerance in a world that too…
By Mary Ogle