American Horror Story Coven Sarah Paulson

8 Incredible Easter Eggs Hidden Within TV Show Intros

There's a lot to see if you don't fast forward...
By Brian Wilson
Beauty and the Beast Tokyo Disney

5 Exciting Things Coming To Tokyo Disney Resort

Belle is finding a new home in Japan.
By Jen Gallie
tennis line

10 Rule Changes That Should Be Made In Sport

Sport needs more common sense, not just technology.
By Darren Plant
Ben Affleck Civil War.jpg

Captain America Civil War: 11 Reasons It's Better Than Batman V Superman

Poor Affleck.
By Jack Pooley
Finn Balor Payback.jpg

8 Things Fans Want To See At WWE Payback 2016

Desperate to see Finn Balor debut on Sunday? Join the Club.
By Jack G King
Fred Durst Smackdown Just Bring It

10 Weirdest Unlockable Characters In Wrestling Video Games

By Jacob Trowbridge
Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 Canary Cry

Arrow Season 4: 5 Ups And 6 Downs From 'Canary Cry'

Laurel Lance's death brings out the best and the worst in certain characters.
By Andrew Pollard
Secret Avengers.jpg

Captain America: Civil War Ending - 12 Big Implications For Phase 3

More friction, more personal issues and a hell of a Spidey...
By Simon Gallagher
Requiem For A Dream

9 Fantastic Movies Too Devastating To Watch More Than Once

This was fantastic. Let's never do this again.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Marvel Powerful Fools.jpg

10 Times Marvel Movies Made Powerful Characters Look Like Total Fools

Way to throw your own guys under the bus there...
By Simon Gallagher
bloodborne darkbeast paarl

10 Reasons Bloodborne Is Better Than Dark Souls III

It may be the best Dark Souls, but it can't beat Bloodborne.
By Matthew Byrd
JTG, Shad, Cryme Tyme

9 Questions With Former WWE Superstar JTG

The former Cryme Tyme member chats about his books, WWE and heat.
By Fin Martin
kevin smith superman lives

What If...Kevin Smith's Superman Movie Got Made

Can we honestly say the Superman movies that actually got made are worse?
By WhatCulture
scarlett johansson

9 Actors Who Played Both Iconic Super Heroes And Villains

Conan is King, but Mr. Freeze left us cold.
By Padraig Cotter
styles reigns payback

8 WWE Payback 2016 Results Predictions

What to look for Sunday night in Chicago.
By Justin Henry
Trish Stratus Lita 2004

5 WWE Women's Feuds That Ruled (And 5 That Sucked)

For every Trish vs Lita there's The Kat vs Terri Runnels.
By Lewis Howse
vader ken shamrock

10 Stiffest Wrestling Matches Ever

This'll hurt tomorrow...
By Scott Fried
Roman Reigns, WTF

14 WTF Moments From WWE SmackDown (April 28)

The go-home show to Payback!
By Jack G King

20 Biggest Myths WWE Tells About Its History

Bending the truth? Then. Now. Forever.
By Matt O'Connell
ric flair wcw

10 Times WCW Was The Most Insane Company In The World

Ever heard of Jim Herd?
By Benjamin Richardson
Kurt Angle 2002

10 Things We Learned From Kurt Angle On Vince Russo's Podcast

Maybe we shouldn't expect to see Angle in WWE anytime soon after all.
By John Bills
Civil War Bull.jpg

Captain America: Civil War - 14 Theories That Were Utter Bull

Spoiler: Coulson's not in it.
By Jack Pooley
AJ Styles Roman Reigns Luke Gallows

5 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (April 28)

SmackDown's ending hyped Payback perfectly!
By Jamie Kennedy
Game of Thrones faces.jpg

10 Confusing Game Of Thrones Moments Nobody Understands

In the game of thrones, you either win or get confused.
By David Fox
The Rock John Cdena You Can't See Me

12 Wrestling Rivalries That Were Too Real To Be Fake

It's all a show...right?
By Scott Fried
Captain America Civil War.jpg

What Does The Ending Of Captain America: Civil War Really Mean?

Wait, so who wins?
By Alex Leadbeater
Eric Young NXT.jpg

10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Eric Young

There's more to EY than a raspy voice and a sweet beard...
By John Bills
Doctor Who Cybermen Daleks

8 TV Shows That Were Damaged By Their Own Fans

Turns out it's possible to like something too much...
By Brian Wilson
Captain America Civil War Easter Eggs.jpg

Captain America: Civil War - 30 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

Team Stank!
By Simon Gallagher
watcher in the woods

14 Best Horror Movies For Kids

There are more family-friendly fright flicks than you might think.
By Ben Bussey