JTG, Shad, Cryme Tyme

9 Questions With Former WWE Superstar JTG

The former Cryme Tyme member chats about his books, WWE and heat.
By Fin Martin
Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Exec. Producer On Season 2, Walkers At Sea, And Negan

The Walking Dead world is in full-flow.
By Michael Potts
far cry primal

Far Cry Primal: Exclusive Interview With Composer Jason Graves

An eye-opening look at what it's like scoring one of the biggest games of the year.
By Scott Tailford
Life Dane Dehaan Anton Corbijn

James Dean, Life And Leaving Photography Behind - Exclusive Interview With Anton Corbijn

We chat with the famed director.
By Alex Leadbeater
mercedes mason fear the walking dead

Fear The Walking Dead: Interview With Mercedes Mason

Her hopes for Season 2, and fears for a certain Walking Dead character...
By Michael Potts
matt hardy

"TNA Is Not Going Out Of Business!" - 10 Questions With Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy spoke exclusively to WhatCulture for a very honest and revealing interview.
By Dean Ayass
ddp yoga

12 Questions With Diamond Dallas Page

Throw up a self-high five and feel the BANG as we hit the mat with DDP.
By Martyn Grant
Chris Masters

Chris Adonis Interview: Talks GFW, WWE, Ring Ka King And His Future

WhatCulture speaks to Chris Adonis, the man formerly known as Chris Masters.
By Brad Jones
bob evans

10 Questions With ROH’s Brutal Bob Evans

Atlee Greene had a chance to go one on one with Ring of Honor's resident brutal baddie.
By Atlee Greene
Ethan Carter Sting

10 Questions With TNA's Ethan Carter III

WhatCulture's Dean Ayass had a chance to fire 10 questions at TNA's rising star.
By Dean Ayass
Darius Wolski

Ridley Scott's Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski On Exodus

Also talks his Keith Richards documentary.
By Brendon Connelly
Janty Yates Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott's Costume Designer Janty Yates On Exodus

Also talks The Martian and Tripoli.
By Brendon Connelly
Martin Kirby

ICW Interview With British Wrestler Martin Kirby

ICW star talks upcoming tour, favourite matches and why British wrestling is on the up.
By Lewis Howse
Nigel Mcguinness

LA Fights: Meet The British Wrestler Attempting To Revolutionize The Industry

Nigel McGuinness on his latest journey in wrestling.
By Brad Jones
dixie carter tna

10 Big Questions With TNA President Dixie Carter

Ahead of TNA's UK tour,'s Dean Ayass fired 10 questions at the boss.
By Dean Ayass
Nigel Mcguinness Brit

Interview With Former TNA & ROH Wrestler Nigel McGuinness

With LA Fights, Nigel is ready for the wrestling business to grow up.
By Andrew Soucek
Screen Shot 2014 12 15 At 08 31 08

Doctor Who - An Interview With Colin Baker catches up with the sixth doctor!
By Chris Swanson
Odb Ww

20 Random Questions For Former TNA Knockout ODB

Everything from WWE developmental, to TNA, her upcoming plans, and getting in trouble for…
By Andrew Soucek

Interview With Michael Kingston: Creator Of Headlocked

Kingston talks about his love of the comic and wrestling mediums, and how the process came…
By Andrew Soucek
Mick Foley Interview

Exclusive Mick Foley Interview: His Comedy Tour, Santa Claus And Brock Lesnar

The hardcore legend goes toe-to-toe with's Andrew Soucek!
By Andrew Soucek
Ddp Yoga Interview

Exclusive Interview With Diamond Dallas Page

On Yoga, WCW, WWE and life lessons.
By Andrew Soucek
Chris Daniels

Exclusive Interview With "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Daniels talks about his new and old companies, interactions with Hulk Hogan, comic talk and…
By Andrew Soucek
Mick Foley Cheap Pop

WWE Exclusive: Mick Foley Brings Hardcore Comedy To Canada

Marshall Ward goes one on one with the Hardcore Legend!
By Marshall Ward
Ken Shamrock

Exclusive Ken Shamrock Interview: Triple H Isn't The Man To Run WWE

Shamrock opens up about Triple H and Vince McMahon.
By Akhilesh Gannavarapu
Cung Le

Cung Le UFC 175 Predictions

Who does one of MMA's biggest stars think will be victorious this weekend?
By Akhilesh Gannavarapu
Chris Weidman

"I'm Open To Fighting Anderson Silva Again" - Chris Weidman

Our exclusive interview with Chris Weidman...
By Akhilesh Gannavarapu
Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin Interview: Talks About One More UFC Fight

Read and listen to our exclusive interview!
By Akhilesh Gannavarapu
Rob Terry Awf

TNA Exclusive Interview With Superstar Rob Terry

By Brad Lee
Jimmy Snuka

Jimmy Snuka Exclusive Interview: The Superfly Still Soars At 71

By Marshall Ward
my dumas lita

WWE Exclusive Interview: Lita Talks Hall Of Fame And Life After Wrestling

By Marshall Ward