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10 Crazy Unlicensed Video Games You’ve Never Heard Of

Some are legal, some are wildly infringing, and some are weird, but they're all intriguing.
By David Bixenspan

Biggest Games Of 2013: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

By Barry O Halloran

26 Characters To Consider For The Next Super Smash Bros

By Laurence Gardner
Chaos Theory

5 Outstanding Original Game Soundtracks

WhatCulture run through five of the greatest original scores from gaming history.
By Edward Smith

Mario Marathon 5 Is Here!

This author's favourite event of the summer has arrived!
By Adam Nystrom
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Super Mario's 10 Greatest Suits

To celebrate this announcement of Super Mario Bros. 3, here’s some of the best suits from…
By Kayleigh Powis

Black Knight Sword Preview

Upcoming enigmatic downloadable from Grasshopper Manufacture is a dark fairytale, framed as a…
By Jim Cross

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics Review [3DS]

Mario and Sonic are back at the Olympic Games, but are they going for gold or will they get…
By Stephen Leigh

ZELDA Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Working On Original Title

Legendary figure also says the news about his retirement was a 'misunderstanding'.
By Matt Mann

Game Hates You Podcast #5 - Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 & Nintendo's year in retrospective.

Episode 5 of the What Culture podcast 'Game Hates You' - video game discussion that leaves no…
By Jim Cross

Art Perspective: Open Worlds

By Rob John Downer
Super Mario Featured

Super Mario Portable Retrospective

With Super Mario 3D Land released next week, we take a look back at a handful of some of his…
By Stephen Leigh

Super Mario 3D Land Gets 'Ice White' 3DS Bundle

New colour 3DS to coincide with release of Super Mario 3D Land.
By Stephen Leigh

The Legend of Zelda Rap?

Zelda, Get's Played by Rawn and his crew in this bizarre gangster rap.
By Dom McKenzie

Super Mario 3D Land - Luigi Gameplay Video

Luigi joins brother Mario in the upcoming 3DS platformer Super Mario 3D Land
By Stephen Leigh

Art Perspective: Gaming Tattoos

A growing phenomenon within the gaming community is game related tattoos, whether it is an…
By Rob John Downer

20 Top Video Game Sidekicks Of All Time

Woe it is to be a sidekick. Never quite in the spot-light, cruelly over-looked... until now…
By Brad Fear

Mario vs. Sonic: Who Is Video-Gaming's Greatest Veteran?

After many months (OK, hours) of research, I have charted the lifespan of these two legendary…
By Robert Zak