super mario

Super Mario's 10 Greatest Suits

To celebrate this announcement of Super Mario Bros. 3, here’s some of the best suits from the Mario series...

2 May 2012Kayleigh Powis


Black Knight Sword Preview

Upcoming enigmatic downloadable from Grasshopper Manufacture is a dark fairytale, framed as a puppet theatre of nightmares, and it looks incredibly good.

28 Mar 2012Jim Cross

Super Mario Featured

Super Mario Portable Retrospective

With Super Mario 3D Land released next week, we take a look back at a handful of some of his earlier portable adventures.

9 Nov 2011Stephen Leigh

Art Perspective: Gaming Tattoos

A growing phenomenon within the gaming community is game related tattoos, whether it is an 8-bit heart from The Legend of Zelda or the cake from Portal!

6 Oct 2011Rob John Downer


Mario vs. Sonic: Who Is Video-Gaming's Greatest Veteran?

After many months (OK, hours) of research, I have charted the lifespan of these two legendary games series, and have come to a pretty solid conclusion on who's come out on top out of the Italian-American plummer and blue coloured hedgehog!

15 Aug 2011Robert Zak