super mario

Super Mario's 10 Greatest Suits

To celebrate this announcement of Super Mario Bros. 3, here’s some of the best suits from the Mario series...

2 May 2012 Kayleigh Powis


Black Knight Sword Preview

Upcoming enigmatic downloadable from Grasshopper Manufacture is a dark fairytale, framed as a puppet theatre of nightmares, and it looks incredibly good.

28 Mar 2012 Jim Cross

Super Mario Featured

Super Mario Portable Retrospective

With Super Mario 3D Land released next week, we take a look back at a handful of some of his earlier portable adventures.

9 Nov 2011 Stephen Leigh

Art Perspective: Gaming Tattoos

A growing phenomenon within the gaming community is game related tattoos, whether it is an 8-bit heart from The Legend of Zelda or the cake from Portal!

6 Oct 2011 Rob John Downer


Mario vs. Sonic: Who Is Video-Gaming's Greatest Veteran?

After many months (OK, hours) of research, I have charted the lifespan of these two legendary games series, and have come to a pretty solid conclusion on who's come out on top out of the Italian-American plummer and blue coloured hedgehog!

15 Aug 2011 Robert Zak