10 Video Game Characters That Were Created For The Most Shocking Reasons

Mistakes into miracles!

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The process of conceptualizing a character can be quite difficult, especially when it is attached to something as complicated as developing a game. The people in charge of designing a game character need to be mindful of not only their creation's personality and design but also what purpose the character will serve in the game.

Because of this, game designers like to be very deliberate with the process of creating a character and oftentimes know very early on what it is that they want to accomplish. They do research, plan ahead, and try to stay mindful of other parts of the game's development.

However, not every character is a product of this kind of straightforward process. Some were made by accident, some due to a bizarre spark of inspiration, and some due to last-minute changes made to their game. Some of the most iconic characters in the world of video games were made for the strangest and most fascinating of reasons.

Their behind-the-scenes stories can often be even more interesting and complicated than their actual backstories and lore in the game. Here are some of these bizarre stories.

10. The Spy From Team Fortress 2 Was A Result Of A Glitch

doctor robotnik sonic

All Team Fortress 2 mercenaries have unique abilities, but the Spy is the one who truly stands out. He can transform into any member of the opposing team and slip past their radar unnoticed (well, unless you're being very obvious with your disguise).

The Spy's mechanic is no coincidence, but it also wasn't something that the developers of Team Fortress were planning on adding. The idea for the Spy's character had actually become a thing due to a peculiar glitch that appeared in the original Team Fortress mod for Quake.

The glitch made it so that some people in the game would spawn with the color and model of an opposing team member. The off-colored players could infiltrate the enemy line and prepare surprise attacks on unsuspecting opponents.

The glitch sparked an idea in the developers' heads. They decided to turn it into an actual mechanic in the game and then designed a whole character around it. The Spy was added to the roster of mercenaries and brought a fun new mechanic into the world of PvP games.


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