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10 Amazing TV Shows You Won't Believe Only Had Two Seasons

A collection of the best two-hitters from the world of television.

23 Feb 2015 Joe O'Brien


12 TV Shows You Won't Believe Are 10 Years Old In 2015

There's no way that that started in 2005...

26 Jan 2015 Chris Waugh

tv Thebigbangtheory

10 Greatest T-Shirts As Seen On TV Shows

Hey! Our eyes are up here.

12 May 2014 WhatCulture

tv HBO

8 Great TV Shows That Would Have Had Incredible Prequels

We've seen Tony Soprano's fall, so why not his rise?

22 Mar 2014 Mark White

tv ABC

7 Legendary TV Characters Who Deserve A Prequel Spin-Off

Because even the awesome need to start out somewhere.

11 Mar 2014 Daley James Francis

tv BBC

10 Badass Moments From TV Characters You Never Expected

Reliving those times when the quiet ones stepped up to the plate and kicked all sorts of ass.

25 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv AMC

10 Fantastic Opening Moments To TV Shows

Because what better way to begin a show about meth-dealing than with a gun-toting man in his underpants?

18 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv Liotta Sopranos

15 Actors Who Foolishly Turned Down Career-Making TV Roles

Two actors turned down Breaking Bad. They then went on to make Tower Heist and The Raven. Good choice!

3 Feb 2014 Brandon Maxwell

tv Obama House Of Cards

10 Amazing TV Cameos That Should've Happened (But Didn't)

Because it's a man's job to dream, and it's a studio exec's job to crush those dreams into fine powder.

27 Jan 2014 Jon Negroni

tv Channel 4

10 Unexpected Sitcom Scenes That Made Us Bawl Our Eyes Out

The greatest trick comedy ever pulled was breaking our hearts.

22 Jan 2014 Mark White

offbeat michael-scott

10 Horrifying Things Nobody Tells You About Being The Boss

Before upgrading you to your cubicle with slightly taller walls, let's step into The Boss's shoes for a moment and seriously consider ten reasons why your new life sucks.

21 Jan 2014 Catherine Northington

tv 99

10 TV Shows Dominated By The Last Character You'd Expect

Nobody really intended for these guys to become main characters. Look at 'em now!

20 Jan 2014 John Quigley

tv AMC

12 Emotional TV Moments That Made Us All Cry In 2013

Deaths, heart-breaking endings and happiness combined to turn 2013's TV into an emotional rollercoaster...

4 Jan 2014 Steve Picciotti

tv Joey

10 TV Morons Everyone Loves

6 Aug 2013 Joe O'Brien