Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Graphics PS4 Xbox

10 Reasons Xbox One Owners Are Jealous Of The PS4

Haters gonna hate... with envious eyes.
By Michael Park
Watch Dogs Delayed

13 Flat Out Lies We Were Told Just To Sell A Video Game

We fell for it every time.
By Jack Pooley
Beyond: Two Souls

10 Video Games That Wasted An Awesome Idea

Well at least they sound good on paper.
By Austin Wood
Watch Dogs 8

10 Video Games That Totally Crushed Our Dreams

They butter you up, only to sucker punch you down.
By Jack Pooley
Aiden Pearce Watch Dogs

10 Video Game Heroes You Didn't Want To Succeed

Is it wrong that we didn't want these guys to win?
By Sam Coleman
Watch Dogs 2 Aiden Pierce

Watch Dogs 2: 8 Past Mistakes It Must Fix

We know the inevitable sequels are coming - so what must be done to save the game's already…
By Dan Curtis
Watch Dogs Explosion

Watch Dogs: 10 Reasons The Haters Are Wrong

Do graphics mean everything for a game that offers so much more?
By Scott Tailford
Watch Dogs 7

Watch Dogs: 10 Reasons It Sucks

Do you agree Watch Dogs is one of the most disappointing games of all time?
By Paul J Meekin
Games Of The Year 2014

15 Best Video Games Of The Year (So Far)

As we come up on the halfway mark of the year, which essential titles do you need to own?
By Scott Tailford
I Am The One Who Hacks

Watch Dogs: 16 Easter Eggs, References & In Jokes You Must See

It might not be quite up to the hype, but Ubisoft have packed their hackable world with Easter…
By Simon Gallagher
Watch Dogs Bike

10 Reasons Watch Dogs Is A Huge Disappointment

With five years in development and a last minute six-month delay, the final product was always…
By Jack Pooley
Watch Dogs2

7 Great Video Games Playing Watch Dogs Will Remind You Of

For better of worse, Ubisoft's latest is a frankenstein of many other great titles from the…
By Paul J Meekin
Watch Dogs Aidan Pearce

9 Crippling Problems With The Gaming Industry’s Future

Watch Dogs has 18 separate versions and 5 Collector's Editions, and if that doesn't tell you…
By Michael Downie
Batman Arkham Knight 2

10 Upcoming Open World Games We're Most Excited For

Incredibly ambitious, these games prove linear story-telling is for cowards.
By Patrick Koch
Halo 5 E3 Watermarked 600x300

12 Biggest Upcoming Video Games That Could Release Killer Prologue Levels

Ground Zeroes has potentially opened the floodgates to triple-A titles having chunks released…
By Tom Gibbs
Infamous Second Son Th 600x300 11

10 Upcoming Games To Keep You Busy Until Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has finally got its May 27th release date. But that's still a few months away and…
By Jack Pooley

12 Most Hotly Anticipated Original Gaming Properties Of 2014

It's not all sequels and remakes in this year's gaming market.
By Robert Kojder
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Watch Dogs: 5 Reasons It Could Be Game Of The Year

The ball is now firmly in Ubisoft's court for their fictional cyber-hacking open-world effort.
By Louis Rabinowitz
Destiny Bungie

10 Gaming Predictions For 2014

By Jack Pooley
Uncharted 2 Train

10 Video Game Film Adaptations In Production Right Now

Traditionally speaking, video game to movie adaptations totally suck. Fingers crossed one of…
By Cara Brander
Watch Dogs 59885

10 Mega-Hyped 2014 Video Games That Will Definitely Disappoint

There’s a fine line to walk between unabashed hype, pre-release praise and looking at things…
By Robert Kojder
Infamous Second Son

41 Must Buy Video Games Of 2014

2014's shaping up to be an excellent year for gaming. Here's our rundown of titles you should…
By Robert Kojder
10 Games That Will Change Things Forever

10 Upcoming Video Games That Could Change Things Forever

By Michael Johnson
Watch Dogs Title

GTA V: 10 Must-Buy Games That Could Eclipse Rockstar's Success

By Barry Marshall
Watch Dogs Combat

Watch Dogs: 10 Reasons It Might Disappoint

By Dan Curtis
Watch Dogs Creed

5 Irresistible Hints That Assassin's Creed 4 And Watch Dogs Are Connected

By Robert Kojder
Watch Dogs Title

4 Reasons Why the Watch Dogs Delay is a Good Thing

By Xavier Santana
Watch Dogs Creed

Watch Dogs vs. Assassin's Creed 4: Which Game Will Win?

By C.J.
Watch Dogs

11 Next-Gen Games You Should Be Considering

By Curtis Dillon
Call of Duty Ghosts

10 Incredible Things We Learned From Gamescom

By Shaun Munro