10 Reasons Watch Dogs Is A Huge Disappointment

With five years in development and a last minute six-month delay, the final product was always going to be a divisive one.

The most anticipated game of 2014 - Watch Dogs - may only be releasing worldwide today, but some have been lucky enough to get it early, either through nefarious means (the PC version was leaked over the weekend), or in our case, the outlet shipped it early to avoid disappointment due to the UK's Monday bank holiday. By most standards, Ubisoft's long-awaited (and long-delayed) techno-thriller is a great game, but given the hype and expectations, Watch Dogs isn't to be judged most standards: it's just two weeks shy of two years ago when it debuted and brought the house down at E3. Ubisoft's latest effort is for the most part a visually stunning, solidly entertaining package, but remember that we were expecting a GTA V killer, a ground-breaking game-changer and a sure Game of the Year candidate, if not the outright winner. Watch Dogs is, unfortunately, neither of those things: it's efficient, gorgeous, and with its array of side missions and multiplayer certainly provides plenty of value for money, but it falls pretty short of being the classic it should have been, recycling too many of Ubisoft's old ideas and making too many rookie mistakes. The current Metacritic score for the PS4 version of the game has it spot-on: at 82, it's a fun game you should absolutely play, but it fails to get away from the pack and can't measure up to the legendary status of Rockstar's last epic, which clocks in at 97 on the website. Have you played Watch Dogs yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments! And don't worry, there's NO SPOILERS here, just a few minor mission details.
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