10 Ways Watch Dogs 2 Is Already Better Than The Original

Ubisoft are by all means, "doing an Assassin's Creed 2".

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There were plenty of good concepts and fun moments in the original Watch Dogs, but much of the game felt like wasted potential. A game afraid to commit to the tech side or any decent third-person shooter elements, it all gave way to a mixed bag that didn't accomplish the in-depth gameplay experience that players were expecting. Ubisoft are hoping to right their wrongs with Watch Dogs 2, and the results already look mighty promising.

Offering a new protagonist, new vibrant locations to explore and a new tone that'll set it apart from the previous instalment in more ways than one, Watch Dogs 2 comes expanded hacking abilities, more variety in gadgets and much more. The game may not have released yet, but there are a number of marked improvements over the first instalment that can already be seen and confirmed after watching gameplay videos.

Basically, it feels like Ubisoft are repeating history, delivering the 'Assassin's Creed II' of the Watch Dogs franchise. Such improvements were much needed, and here are 10 Ways Watch Dogs 2 Is Already Better Than The Original.


10. Actual Melee Variety


Even though the focus of the first Watch Dogs was never on its melee, there's no denying that the melee combat got repetitive and remained too simplistic in both animations and execution. Now there's no guarantee that melee in Watch Dogs 2 will be anymore complicated than a situational button press, but at least the visual variety on show has been thoroughly improved.

The nightstick has been swapped out for an undeniably-creative weapon called the Thunder Ball, which is a pool ball/bungee cord combination. This is mixed in with stealth takedowns that were already present, as well as the plethora of technological options that'll allow players to go about any combat situation in whatever way they deem the easiest or the most entertaining.

Although we won't know for certain how expanded (or not expanded) melee combat is outside of this, WD2's creative team has clearly taken the time to make sure that melee is no longer the "boring" option. Oh, and you can FINALLY punch both enemies and random civilians, which may be the best news of all considering buskers will probably be making a return.


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