Watch Dogs: Legion - 10 Best Characters You MUST Recruit

Construction workers are the real heroes of London.

Watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs Legion is one of the latest open world games from Ubisoft, and it breaks plenty of new ground in the genre.

The biggest addition to the series is the ability to play as anyone. Legion sees you surrounded by NPC's with every single one recruitable to your organisation, DedSec. Once recruited you can play as them while you roam London or complete scores of in-game missions. Each have their own abilities which can help your progress in a variety of ways, from different weapons, to vehicles and special hacking abilities.

The beauty of Legion is that missions can often be approached in a number of ways. It means that depending on which character you use your missions can play out completely differently. It adds huge replayability to a title where the main story alone will see you put in a huge number of hours.

With hundreds of different options available to you though, which are the best characters that you should be looking to recruit when you jump into Watch Dogs Legion?

10. Paramedic

Watch dogs legion

We start the list with a character who won't be a great deal of help in missions, however, they can save you a lot of time as you build your roster.

Paramedics have no real attacking abilities, but their strength lies elsewhere. If your character dies or gets injured on a mission a paramedic will reduce the time you have to wait to use that recruit again. It might not sound hugely important, but it is worth having one in your squad for this reason alone. It allows you to jump back into the action with your favourite character rather than having to wait to continue with them or having to switch to somebody else.

It might not be the fastest vehicle available, but Paramedic's also come with an Ambulance that you can use to flee the scene. While not mobile they can take a lot of hits which in an initial escape can be crucial.

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