10 Best Comic Book Moments Of 2018

9. The Wedding Of Orca And Killer Croc

X Men Red Costumes Mutant Nation
DC Comics

Comic book weddings are no different than most other weddings in entertainment media. There's a good chance it just won't happen, so when it does go through without a hitch, it's cause to celebrate.

Orca, pregnant with Killer Croc's child, marries her reptilian love in Gorilla City. The ceremony is beautiful, and while the characters are monstrous in appearance, the art and writing make you forget that one is a killer whale and the other is a walking handbag.

However, that's not the end of the issue. Ra's Al Ghul, who is currently the guy holding the detonator for the bombs in their heads, greets them before they leave to give the gift of deactivation - but that's not enough either. Orca and Croc have been left in fear for their unborn mixed species baby for several issues, and now they have free reign to take that aggression out on Ra's.

Gorilla Grodd comes and takes Ra's as his own so no killing, but the happy ending comes. Their child will be born in a world without a man like Ra's in it.


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