10 Best Comic Books Of 2018

9. Eternity Girl

Eternity Girl DC
DC Comics

2018 was the year DC brought back its imprints in a big way, with books for Vertigo, Wildstorm and - in this particular instance - Gerard Way's 'Young Animal', all managing to impress in one way or another. Perhaps the strongest title from these imprints, however, is Eternity Girl, written by Magdalene Visaggio and illustrated by Sonny Liew.

Focusing on a character called Caroline Sharp - a metahuman only recently introduced this year in the JLA/Doom Patrol Special - Eternity Girl is a fantastic, character-driven story all about Caroline's struggle with depression, and delves deep into the kind of existential horror that most readers will, in one way or another, resonate with.

I could talk at length about Eternity Girl's story in all its defiant beauty, or even how Liew's art effortlessly balances disturbing imagery with more colourful surroundings, but Caroline herself is what makes this book so special. She is such a brilliant protagonist, gifted with a selection of unusual and creative powers, but grounded within a world that couldn't possibly hope to contain her.

Young Animal has remained a consistent source of quality for DC since its founding back in 2016, but out of all the books that've been published so far, Eternity Girl may just take the cake.

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