10 Best Short Marvel Comic Series Of 2021

9. Reptil

Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade
Marvel Comics

Humberto Lopez, aka Reptil, has taken a break from being a hero after Kamala's Law comes into effect and forces all superhuman's under twenty-one to require a license to fight crime.

He's slowly accepting his parents mysterious disappearance and living a normal-ish life. At least as normal as it can be for someone who uses an amulet to transform himself partially into a dinosaur, and control dinosaurs and prehistoric wildlife. It’s a weird concept, but it’s a very cool super power and one that is extremely helpful

When a villain, Megalith, shows up with a similar amulet that allows him to control flora, Humberto is shocked and visits the Hag of the Pits in the Dinosaur World to find out more. Humberto learns that the two amulets are in fact two halves of the same and combined, they will allow the one who owns it complete control over Dinosaur World.

Reptil is a fun series exploring the origins of a lesser known character who first appeared in the Avengers Academy series. We got answers about his parents disappearance, we learned more about his remaining family and saw them form a great team together. It definitely left us wanting more and hoping for another series in the future.


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