10 Best Supervillain Headquarters In Comics

9. Amusement Mile

Doctor Doom Latveria
DC Comics

Amusement Mile was created by Janet Harvey for Batman #569 and was based on the real-life Coney Island entertainment venue. The area exists at the northeast corner of Gotham City and is named after the now mostly abandoned attractions that exist there. It began in 1910 when the Solomon Brothers built up the area to accommodate the new trend of the Nickelodeons, and later movie theaters for the new silent films. Soon after that, Carlo Geraldi built an amusement park and carnival with games and rides.

Years later, after the area had fallen into disrepair, Dick Grayson was bequeathed ownership of Haly's Circus after its owner and Ringmaster C.C. Haly’s death. Grayson hoped to make a portion of Amusement Mile the permanent home for Haly's Circus in order to revitalize the area and give back to the circus in which he grew up. However, in Batman: Death of the Family, the Joker attacked Nightwing and traumatized the circus performers, chasing them off.

The area again fell into disrepair and was officially closed and locked off. Seeing an opportunity, a corrupt real estate agent called the Broker began buying up the property and selling it to underworld figures as secret hideouts. Of course, it is doubtful that the Joker paid anyone on the occasions he revisited this area.


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