10 Biggest Changes In Boom! Studios’ Buffy Reboot

Buffy Summers: the vampire slayer so iconic she gets to be 'The Chosen One' twice.

BOOM! Studios

Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise began with the camp but fun 1992 movie. There was clear unrealised potential and Whedon was left unsatisfied with the final product. Five years later, he released the iconic spin-off TV series, with much of Buffy’s life prior to Sunnydale retconned.

The show lasted for seven seasons on TV, and another five as a comic series published by Dark Horse. Though there was a fan outcry over the direction of season eight, with the creative team embracing the comic genre in too fantastical a way for some fans, the Dark Horse continuation built a loyal fanbase.

When Boom! Studios took on the franchise, they decided to reboot it, taking The Scoobies back to high school. It surprisingly drew little ire for a reboot of a ‘90s cult classic. The first issue went to print in January 2019 and has since done an excellent job of reinvigorating the franchise while keeping devotees to the classic series awaiting the next issue.

However, more has changed than social media and selfies…


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