10 Comic Book Characters Who Have NEVER Had Their Identities Exposed

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Clark Kent? Superman's identity is out, but these are still secret.

DC Comics

Superheroes have been associated with secret identities from the very beginning, and while most characters do everything they possibly can to protect them, they usually get out sooner or later. Even Superman revealed who he was to the world in December 2019's Superman #18.

Granted, his identity has been revealed more than once but retconning being what it is; he's been able to keep his identity as Clark Kent pretty close to the vest for most of his 80+ years of publication. Other characters haven't been as careful with theirs as the Man of Steel.

Peter Parker finally told the world who he was in Civil War, and while Tony Stark played the 'Iron Man is my bodyguard' game for years, his secret wasn't much of a secret for long. As it happens, there are relatively few examples of superheroes who have managed to keep their secret identities an actual secret from the public, as exposure tends to happen sooner or later.

Comics have been a major source of entertainment for the better part of a century, and despite featuring hundreds of thousands of characters, these ten are the exception when it comes to keeping their secret identities a secret from the rest of the world.


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