10 Comic Villains With The Highest Body Count

4. Galactus

Joker Deaths
Marvel Comics

Death Toll: Decillions

Galactus is another villain who isn't exactly a villain. He's a force in the universe who is responsible for traveling about and consuming all life on a planet. This results in the extinction of numerous sentient species all across the universe, and it's something he's been doing for a long time.

Galactus was once known as Galan, and he is the sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. Having survived the Big Crunch that preceded the Big Bang, he was reformed into the being now known as Galactus. A cosmic entity of massive size and immeasurable power.

Galactus wields the Power Cosmic, a poorly defined array of powers that enable him to do anything such as create life, take it away, or even bestow a portion of his power onto a Herald he uses to scout out the cosmos looking for new planets to consume.

Because Galactus has been wiping out whole planets of life for eons, it's impossible to determine his kill count. All told, it's likely a number so large, it's inconceivable, but it could be somewhere in the decillions, which is a number followed by 33 zeroes.


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