10 Comics & Novels That Answer MAJOR Video Game Plot Points

9. Gears Of War - Why Was Marcus Fenix A Prisoner?

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In between hugging those handily-placed chest-high walls, Hammer of Dawning massive monsters and dodging bits of darkness to avoid Kryll, Gears of War (the original game) left a lingering question - why was protagonist Marcus Fenix in prison at the start?

Gears is one of those series that has been expanded massively through both novels and comics, telling a wide variety of stories which happen outside of the main scope of the games. In this case, we need to look at the tie-in novel, Gears of War: The Slab.

We find out that Marcus, ten years after the Locust 'Emergence Day', abandoned his post in a bid to rescue his father, Adam. The storyline also reveals how Adam Fenix came to work alongside the Locust Queen, Myrrah, his research into the condition known as Lambency, and his desire to reveal his connection with the Locust to his son.

The book centres around the conflict of Ephyra, humanties' last stronghold against the Locust horde. The Locust have already killed billions - it's up to the COG troops like Marcus to save the day and fight against seemingly insurmountable odds.

For abandoning his post, Marcus is sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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