10 Comics Characters Who Randomly Disappear With No Explanation

9. Ultragirl

Static Shock DC Comics
Marvel Comics

Ultragirl began life as Suzy Sherman, and as she was growing up, all she wanted to do was become a model. Unfortunately for her, she was half-Kree, and when that side of her DNA fired up, her body changed into more of a bodybuilder physique, dashing her hopes of walking down a runway.

Fortunately, the Kree part of her also gave her superpowers similar to those of Captain Marvel, so she managed to make do with what she had, and became a superhero. She first appeared in a comic of her own in 1996, and the fans loved the new character, which helped boost her popularity.

When Civil War hit, she was sidelined due to her association with the New Warriors, who were responsible for the Stamford Incident that set the event off in the first place. Despite not being directly involved, she was nevertheless treated badly. She registered immediately and began to blend into the background.

The last time she appeared in a comic, it was when she interviewed for the nanny position offered by Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. She ended up losing the job to Squirrel Girl, and she hasn't been seen in a comic book since.


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