10 Crazy Comic Books Way Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

In the world of comics, anything can happen.

Marvel Comics

"Just what the hell were they smoking?" A question asked by many readers when these comics were new. The ideas are crazy, they're weird and some of them just might fly in the face of everything the audience thinks that it wants.

But somehow, seemingly against all common sense, these wild and wacky (or just plain counter-intuitive) comics actually worked.

Some of these books are real classics today, but at the time of their release may have been the cause of much head scratching. Who could expect them to find an audience? Yet these are comics that in spite, or perhaps because of their weirdness, resonated with the readership and succeeded in being memorable.

These comics stand above expectations, as books that conventional wisdom says should be bad, but in actual fact are absolute quality. They defy all logic in being genuinely good, and in doing so prove that no idea is too strange for the world of comics. The following is a list of crazy comics that turned out to be far better than they had any right to.


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