10 Criminally Overlooked Ongoing Comics You Need To Check Out

10. Invisible Kingdom

Dark Horse Comics

Space nuns, interplanetary package delivery workers (think Death Stranding in space), and a conspiracy between Lux, the all-powerful mega-corporation, and The Sisters of Severity, the one major religion of the system. This book is completely original and refreshingly different from any other title in print.

Invisible Kingdom features what's almost certainly the most incredible art in any comic of all time, bringing to life wonderfully imaginative aliens (like the Roolians, who have four generally-recognized genders; up, down, left, and right), beautiful unique worlds, and futuristic sci fi tech. It's easily the best stuff G. Willow Wilson has written, and quite possibly Christian Ward's best art.

If you're a fan of classic sci fi stories, like Dune, and Blade Runner, you'll definitely want to check this series out.


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