10 Different Ways Batman Has Been Defeated

Bane broke him. So did all these other people.

Batman Defeated
DC Comics

Despite what bitter Superman fans or the more cynical pop culture-obssessive might tell you, Batman isn't invincible. They may carp and moan about him not being a real superhero, but they'll almost always insist that he's nonetheless as €œboring€ a character as Superman for the simple reason that nobody ever beats him. Which, well, first of all is a fallacy, since superhero comics €“and most traditional media in general is geared so as that the good guys always win. It's reassuring, an alternative to how the real world works. Batman and Superman never get beaten, but neither does Indiana Jones, the CSI team, or Manchester United. Except all of those things do get beaten, but Batman especially.

The Dark Knight is not invincible. He's smart €“ give him enough prep time, and he can reasonably be expected to take most people down (including the Man Of Steel). But really he's a comeback kid. He's an underdog. The Caped Crusader gets his ass handed to him all the time, but then he learns, comes back, and ultimately triumphs. Even those moments are rare, though, since he's usually prepared for everything. Usually.

Here are ten different ways Batman has been defeated.

10. A Single Kick To The Ribs

Batman Bronze Tiger
DC Comics

Oh yes, even with all his grandstanding and spending the better part of a decade travelling the world and training with various martial arts experts and hard nuts, the Dark Knight isn't quite unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat. It probably helps if he comes up against someone with even more training, though, as is the case with the Bronze Tiger.

A fighter on the level of Batman €“(who is routinely named one of the best in the world) “ who was brainwashed by Ra's Al Ghul and sent out to stop Batman and Batwoman. As a member of the League Of Assassins he managed to dispatch the Caped Crusader with a single kick to the solar plexus, putting him into such crippling pain he can't stop the Tiger from then stabbing Batwoman.

One punch? One kick!

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