10 Even More Most Disgusting Comic Book Deaths

Even more examples of the grim, gruesome brutality of comics.

Marvel Zombies Return Spider-Man Aunt May Mary Jane Watson
Marvel Comics

Death is a constant presence in comic books. Whether a death actually sticks or not, that's an entirely different topic, but there's no doubting that the Grim Reaper is always eagerly waiting to rear his head in the pages of your favourite funny books.

Whether it's Marvel Comics, DC Comics, IDW, Image Comics or one of the many, many independents out there, death has been shown in all its disgusting, disturbing glory over the decades. And now, the focus is again on some of the more stomach-churning of these deaths.

Here, you can consider this a sequel of sorts to both 10 Most Disgusting Comic Book Deaths and 10 More Most Disturbing Comic Book Deaths. As such, that means that the demises of Ted Kord at the hands of Maxwell Lord, The Walking Dead's Glenn, the Invisible Man in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Doctor Strange in Ultimatum, Sin City's Kevin, and poor Monty at the hands of the Joker are all just some of those murders off the table.

Still, there are plenty of other twisted comic book deaths left to explore, and so here are a further ten examples of just how chilling the world of comics can be.

10. Herr Kleiser Gets Eaten And Sh*t Out

Marvel Zombies Return Spider-Man Aunt May Mary Jane Watson
Marvel Comics

Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's The Ultimates was a comic book run that well and truly split opinion, with this fresh spin on Marvel's established heroes and villains being embraced by some readers, yet detested by others.

One person particularly front 'n' centre in this line, was the Hulk - especially when it came to the second volume of The Ultimates.

Having beaten, dismembered and even eaten parts of Abomination in the previous issue, The Ultimates 2 #13 saw the Jade Giant having the nefarious Herr Kleiser in his sights.

Kleiser had by this point been established as one of the main rogues of this world, with him having handily bested Captain America, Nick Fury and several other superheroes. With regeneration and shapeshifting as just two of his abilities, Herr was quite the formidable foe for this alt-realm Avengers.

Deciding that the Hulk was their best hope of toppling Kleiser, Cap, Fury and co. slapped the piss out of Bruce Banner and launched him out of a helicopter. Of course, the angered Banner transformed into the Hulk, then set about decimating Herr Kleiser.

In this case, "decimating" meant bashing Kleiser into mush, eating what was left of him, and then sh*tting out the villain so that this literal turd could be analysed.


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