10 Female DC Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Solo Movie

9. Black Canary

Deathstroke Ravager
DC Comics

2020’s Birds of Prey is set to debut several well-known DC superheroines and Black Canary will be one of them. While it’s great to see Dinah Lance being featured as part of a team, the character has plenty of history that can easily carry a stand-alone movie.

As one of DC’s most accomplished martial artists, Black Canary has spent most of her life training to be the best crime-fighter around. Her mother, Dinah Drake, was the first Black Canary, and that relationship could play a key role in the film. Her mother may act as a mentor figure who could help to guide Dinah throughout the story.

Obscure superheroes like Wildcat could also make a cameo in the film. Wildcat was responsible for training Black Canary in boxing and other techniques and he could fill the role of a surrogate father figure.

Ultimately, the heart of the Black Canary film could centre on the strong family dynamic that she’s built with others. The story could even include her adoptive daughter, Sin, with Dinah coming to terms with the fact that she can be a young mother and a crime-fighter. There would also be scope for Green Arrow to feature too.


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