10 Female DC Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Solo Movie

8. Huntress

Deathstroke Ravager
DC Comics

Helena Bertinelli will also be introduced in Birds of Prey, though she’s fully capable of leading her own film. Coming from a Mafia background, Huntress had a dark upbringing that involved her being kidnapped and tortured by a rival crime family. Years later, she witnessed a mob-ordered hit on her parents. From that day on, Huntress vowed to end the Mafia by any means necessary.

Helena’s mob connections have all the makings of an old school Martin Scorsese crime thriller. The origin film could involve her training to strike back against the family who had her parents whacked. It could evolve into a globe-trotting revenge flick that sees Huntress travel across Italy and America in her pursuit of different targets.

Given Huntress’ bloodthirsty attitude, DC would be wise to make the film R-rated. This would stop the character from being watered down and allow audiences to see the most authentic version of the character possible.


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